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Welcome to Marie-Amélie's web site

Shame on me... I am so much behind in updating this site!!

What's my next trip? Well Montreal to start with (hope to survive winter temperatures there) and potentially Mexico-city... you'll see if I manage to post some pics!
But in the mean time I spent Christmas in Egypt on the red sea, checking whether fishes would decorate the coral reef with Christmas decorations... guess what? no!

Heroic Fantasy, you would guess, takes a substantial part of my free time. Not that I am gifted to draw myself even though I'd love to believe it, but those comics are a nice part of my bookshelves. I also love to hear that I surely come myself from a different planet ;-) In fact, if you are interested in comics, time might come when you will read here about my prefered ones.
But I am now into reading Mangas... starting with the most reknown and appreciated series Death Note and following with Holic. I have a short memo on this serie in my blog here.

If you check the photo gallery from the travel planet, you will learn about beautiful places of this world that I was lucky to explore either by foot, or by fins...

On this site, you shall also discover all what an alien like me can achieve with her two hands... quite a lot indeed, depending how many fingers you count! So don't wait, go and to visit my e-shop... www.murimari.com

Enjoy the tour and check out the new photographs!

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